Company Profile

What we do:

We specialise in the design, supply, installation, commissioning and final hand over of enclosures and cabinets for Control, M.C.C, P.L.C, Patch and Distribution panels.

We have standardised on the CubicTM Modular System for the construction of our panels.

Our manufacturing and assembling facilities allow us to do complete assembling and wiring as well as conduct full pre-commissionary factory tests.

Where we operate:

Our current area of operation covers South Africa, with projects being completed from Kathu to Durban. We also provide products to other African countries such as Namibia, Kenya, Angola and even the Indian Ocean island of Madagascar. We currently have an establishment in Johannesburg.

Our Goal and Mission Statement:

To offer quality, custom-built workmanship.

To harvest new customer relationships through unmatched service, quality and commitment.

Our Visions:

To strive to develop and grow into a major player in the Southern African industrial low voltage equipment and system market through the manufacturing and contribution of cost effective, high quality products and services;

To offer tailored manufacturing infrastructure for each project to ensure that all our clients' needs and requirements are maintained;

To be committed to fostering and maintaining quality awareness and as a result, understanding our clients' requirements and "do things right the first time".

Company History

Phase 3 Manufacturing was founded in 2000 by one entrepreneur, Mr Fernando Rosa, and has since been hand-reared by him to become an enterprise that provides work for over 30 full-time employees.

We are an owner-managed operation and are currently implementing our B-BBEE process, where we are striving to commit to a Level 4 certification.

Since its inception, Phase 3 Manufacturing has devoted itself to offering a greater and more efficient service to its clients, and we will always confer with all levels of personnel to
evaluate our clientsí requirements, identify problems and contribute to the most practical solutions to save you money and time.

We pride ourselves in our technical capabilities and enthusiasm, which, we feel, provides our esteemed clients with superior service.

Core Competencies

Motor Control Centres & P.L.C. panels:

Cubicís Modular System offers the highest flexibility and best opportunities when constructing main switchboards incorporating type-tested busbar systems up to 12,000amps.

Large and heavy components as well as small DIN rail components can be installed.

Cable connections are possible from the top, bottom and sides of panels.

The modular system is manufactured in iron-phosphate and/or electro-galvanised steel plate.

We also manufacture all the various Control Panels available in the industry to suit our clientsí.

Distribution Boards:

Tailor-made using exceptionally high standards to suit all requirements.

Standard inserts for DIN rails make installation easy and simple.

Optional electrical components can be installed at various depth levels.

Available for wall (surface & flush) or floor mounting.

Due to modular protecting plates, an IPÖ degree of protection can be achieved, which ensures safe operation for the end user.

Control Desks:

Can be built individually or as part of a panel construction.

Can be delivered and fitted completely modified to specific need.

Busbar Systems:

Cubicís type-tested Busbar Systems consist of standard units which cover from 225 to 12,000amps.

Type-tested by KEMA and ATA according to SANS 60439-1 with a short circuit level corresponding to a short time, withstands currents from 22kA to 63kA 3 sec up to 123kA 1 sec.
Not necessary to drill holes or cut threads thanks to a specially developed assembly bolt, which affords adjustable connection.


Segregation can be chosen from FORM 1 to FORM 4.

Ensures optimum personal safety and operational dependability.

Allows for visual inspections and thermographs to be done on the busbar after first use of the panel.

All coverings are available as standard components in the modular system and require no adjustment.

Mobile Containerised Sub-stations:

Sub-stations vary in size from 6 metres to 12 metres.

Containers are fully equipped with M.C.C. / P.L.C. / D.B. panels.

All sub-stations come complete with air conditioning units, inner insulation and S.P. & L.

M.C.C. Draw-out Systems:

Semi and full draw-out systems are available.

Up to 63kA.
Track Record

Below are some examples of recent and current projects that Phase 3 has undertaken.

Adroit Technologies
  • End user: MTN
  • P.L.C. Systems
Bandag South Africa
  • Various Control panels for tyre chambers.
  • Shredding machines.
  • Buffer machines.
B & W Instrumentation &
Electrical LTD
  • M.C.C. / P.L.C. panels for Thubelisha Mine.
  • D.Bís for Thubelisha Mine.
  • D.Bís for Assmang Mine.
  • M.C.C. / P.L.C. / D.Bís for projects in Mozambique, Madagascar, Zambia and Nigeria.
DRA Mining
  • D.Bís for Assmang Mine.
Gerald Smith Electrical Contractors
  • Containerised Sub-station for end user, Sasol South Africa.
MC Process
  • Containerised Sub-stations for Zambia Mining Projects.
  • Turnkey projects for various de-shelling plants all over South Africa.
Nampak South Africa
  • M.C.C. / P.L.C. panels for Nampak Paper, Rosslyn.
  • D.Bís for Nampak Paper, Rosslyn.
  • D.Bís for Nampak Wadeville.
Plascon South Africa
  • M.C.C. / P.L.C. / D.B. / Busbar Trunking for new Chamdor Factory.
Quad Automation
  • M.C.C. / P.L.C. panels for PPC Jupiter Plant.
  • Various M.C.C. / P.L.C. panels for different projects.
  • M.C.C. / P.L.C. panels for Carletonville South Shaft.
Rotek Engineering
  • Control and Starter panels for Eskom Transformers.
Sasol South Africa
  • M.C.C. / P.L.C. panels for Sasol Mining.
Scaw Metals Group
  • Various M.C.C. / P.L.C. / D.Bís as well as installation at various plants.
Steffanuti Stocks
  • D.Bís for Assmang Mine.
  • D.Bís for various projects.
Tetrapak South Africa
  • M.C.C. / P.L.C. panels for various projects in South Africa and other African countries including Namibia and Zambia.
Total South Africa
  • M.C.C. / P.L.C. panels for various depots throughout South Africa.
Hydraulics (PTY) Ltd
  • M.C.C. / P.L.C. / Control panels for various projects, some of which include P.L.C. software and SCADA.
WSP Group Africa
  • M.C.C. / P.L.C. / D.Bís for various mining projects throughout South Africa.

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